Open Source for Better Observability

Observability as a data analytics problem

Three pillars of Observability

Role of Open Source: Success and Challenges

Open source is the new norm

Tool sprawl is a serious challenge

Relicensing is changing OSS landscape

The leading open source tools for logs, metrics and traces

Open Source Software For Metrics,

  • Prometheus, a CNCF graduate project (second after Kubernetes), is a monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible PromQL query language, efficient time series database, and modern alerting approach with AlertManager;
  • OpenMetrics, another CNCF project, offers a format for exposing metrics, which has become a de-facto standard across the industry; and
  • Grafana, a project by Grafana Labs, offering a powerful analytics and visualization tool that’s exceptionally popular in combination with Prometheus.
    Relicensing update: On Apr 2021 Grafana project was relicensed from Apache2 to AGPLv3 by Grafana Labs.

Open Source Software For Logs,

  • ELK Stack, led by Elastic B.V., has been the leading open source choice for a good few years. It is comprised of Elasticsearch text distributed data store, Logstash data collection and processing engine and Kibana visualization tool;
    Relicensing update: On Feb 2021 Elasticsearch and Kibana projects were relicensed from Apache2 to a non-OSS dual license (SSPL and Elastic License) by Elastic B.V.
  • OpenSearch, is a fork of ElasticSearch and Kibana OSS projects, aimed to keep these popular projects open source. The project is led by AWS, which also contributed OpenDistro for Elasticsearch — a set of open source plugins for Elasticsearch; and
  • Loki, led by Grafana Labs, is a log aggregation system specialized for interoperability with Prometheus. Loki doesn’t perform full-text indexing, but rather only indexes labels used in Prometheus.
    Relicensing update: On Apr 2021 Loki project was relicensed from Apache2 to AGPLv3 by Grafana Labs.

Open Source Software For Traces,

  • Jaeger offers a distributed tracing system released as open source by Uber Technologies, which is now a CNCF graduated project;
  • Zipkin, a more veteran Java-based distributed tracing system to collect and look up data from distributed systems; and
  • Skywalking, an open source APM system, including monitoring, tracing, diagnosing capabilities for distributed system in Cloud Native architecture.

Unified telemetry collection with OpenTelemetry



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